Welcome to huntleysonline

Eric and Jessica Huntley are two ordinary people who have transformed the world around them through a shared commitment to publishing, community action and justice. huntleysonline.com is dedicated to providing information on their lives through an easily accessible website. Anyone interested in researching their lives can find a variety of entry points here to explore the significant impact ­they’ve had on the community at large and the Black community in particular.

The site also contains a range of resources, which can be freely downloaded and used. The aim is to keep alive the Huntley’s commitment to justice and respect for all and to inspire future generations to take positive action in order to build a more equitable society.

A selection of b­­ooks from the pioneering Bogle L’Ouverture Publishing house started by the Huntley’s, will shortly be available for purchase from the site.

Project launches at the V&A


Sunday 8th June was the much-anticipated launch of the Huntley Biography Project which took place at the Victoria & Albert Museum with the help of powerful performances from poet and writer Valerie Bloom, Gospel and Jazz vocalist, Celia Wickham-Anderson, Actress and singer, Nataylia Roni, Performance poets Imhotep Oyortey and Onysha Collins, and world-acclaimed flautist Keith Waithe. There was even a special musical treat by an assembly of the Huntley clan.

Why this project?

How is the decision made to tell one story above another, to hold up the works of some people over others? Well in the case of the Huntley’s that question is easily answered. They did a lot for others. They lived their lives in a deliberate manner choosing time and again to raise their voice for the Black Community; providing a place to meet, exchange ideas and be empowered to speak out for their rights, and to take action, as for the Huntleys, doing nothing was not an option.

Krik Krak, an organisation that exists to raise awareness, educate and celebrate cultural heritage and diversity through creative arts has, with the support of HLF, made the Huntley’s story accessible so that future generations will be inspired to actions that will build communities and foster equality.