The Friends of the Huntley Archives at LMA (FHALMA), formed in 2012, became a charitable trust the following year, with the aim of promoting the heritage of the Caribbean and African Diaspora for the benefit of the general public. FHALMA achieves this goal by promoting and enhancing public awareness of and supporting education and community projects for the Huntley Collections conserved and housed at the London Metropolitan Archives. After Jessica and Eric Huntley deposited their Archives in 2005, the Huntley Archive Advisory Group (HAAG) was formed to provide support, advice and generally further the work of London Metropolitan Archives to make the Huntley Collection available to as wide an audience as possible. This group worked with London Metropolitan Archives to establish the broad structure for the preservation of the documents in the collection. FHALMA continues this work, to raise funds and broaden the influence and use of the Huntley archive collections. It has several working groups:

  • Board of Trustees
  • Business group, which oversees the planning of the conference
  • Fundraising group, to develop the means to fund future projects

FHALMA Board of Trustees

Eric Huntley
Margaret Andrews (Chair)
Denise Baptiste
Janet Brown
Margaret Busby
Noreen Dunn
Harry Goulbourne
Donald Hinds
Colin Prescod
Hazel Sawyers
Accabre Rutlin
Keith Waithe
Clyde Williams

FHALMA Trustee Recruitment Opportunities 

FHALMA is seeking to recruit Trustees with a mix of specialist and generalist skills. The successful candidates will have a broad knowledge and understanding of the charity sector and current issues affecting it. Also strong leadership skills, ability to motivate staff and volunteers and bring people together. We value expertise in one or more of the following areas: financial management (operational), fundraising, PR and communications and the law.

We are also seeking to recruit a future chairperson. To find out more about about the roles or how to apply, please download the FHALMA TRUSTEE pack or contact us.


Huntley Archive Advisory Group 


Among the achievements of HAAG are:

  1. Establishing the broad structure for the preservation of the important documents, arising from the lifework of Jessica and Eric, for future generations of community leaders and spokespersons, students and scholars.
  2. Developing a framework for collaboration between one of our city’s oldest and most distinguished institutions and London’s new communities
  3. Crafting a model for informed, cross-fertilization, and creative work between professional archivists, community leaders and academics
  4. Easing access to the resources of one of the nation’s major cultural heritage institutions, particularly through our annual conference, school-outreach, and increasing use of the Archives as a whole
  5. Enhancing archival skills attuned to community, institutional, and scholarly needs for a wide range of consumers of the nation’s cultural heritage.

Taken together the activities of the first seven years (as HAAG) have constituted the first phase of the life of the Huntley Archives.