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Huntley Conferences

The Huntley Conference is the annual Black History conference at the London Metropolitan Archives (LMA). It was first held in 2006 as a celebration of the collection and a way to welcome the community to the archive. Eric and Jessica Huntley along with the Huntley Archives Advisory Group (HAAG) created the conference format to include and reflect elements, which would give it a distinct African-Caribbean flavour. It is currently the biggest conference held at LMA with average attendance of 200 to 250 individuals.
Black History is approached by the archive not as something, which happens only in October but as history, which is integral to and included throughout the year in the many programmes offered at LMA. School workshops and teaching resources have been developed around the collections and there is an open invitation to the public for contributions and suggestions for programmes, which can be offered based on the archive collections.

2006 The Groundings with Bogle-L’Ouverture: A Story of Black Publishing
Guest Speaker: Moira Stuart, OBE.

2007 Writing the Wrongs: Fifty Years of Black Radical Publishing in Britain
Speaker: Margaret Busby, OBE

2008 Looking to Africa: Garvey, Rasta and Rodney
Keynote Speaker: Kwame Kwei-Armah

2009 Remembering Walter Rodney, Revolutionary Pan-Africanist
Keynote: Speaker Dr. Kimani Nehusi

2010 Young, Black & British: Identity and Community through the generations
Keynote Speaker: Professor Aggrey Burke

2011 Get Up! Stand Up! Campaigning for Rights, Respect and Self Reliance
Keynote Speaker: Marc Wadsworth

2012 Arts & Activism: Culture & Resistance Keynote Speaker: Errol Lloyd, Artist

2013 Educating Our Children: Liberating Our Futures
Keynote Speaker: Professor Beverley Bryan, Lecturer at UWI, Jamaica